How to Get Rid of Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

aggressionAggression is a common and serious behavioral problem in dogs. It can be a number one reason why pet owners seek professional help from behavioral trainers and veterinarians. Aggression is an outward show of an emotion and can be used in communicating serious intentions by the dog. It is part of a range of behaviors that dogs have to deal with them in their everyday life.

Classification of Aggression

If your dog showed acts of aggressive in the past, or if you suspect it could be aggressive, take your time and evaluate the situations that could have caused the upset. Reason out on issues such as when did it happen, what else was going on at that time, and what seemed to stop the aggression.

Aggressive behavior in dogs can be classified in different ways. The most critical thing is to understand why the assault is happening. Common classifications of aggression in dogs include;

1. Territorial Aggression

Dogs live in a certain area and will do all it takes to protect their territories. They defend their territories from intruders and this is a reason they go aggressive. They bark and charge at people or other animals approaching their turf. Some dogs go to the extent of attacking and biting an intruder if this territory is under threat.

2. Protective Aggression

protective aggressionProtective aggression happen because dogs are social species. If they are left on their own, they live together in small groups or packs of friends and if one member of the park is in danger, others rush to protect the affected. Dogs usually grow some type of protective aggression on their social circles, if a member is affected.

3. Possessive and Fear Aggression

Dogs develop an element of possessive aggression when they are protecting what they own, be it food, toys or anything else. They have the tendency to guard their possessions from others. On the other hand, pets can be aggressive when they are afraid of something. They tend to bark and get aggressive to protect themselves from scary things.

Diagnosing Aggression

Some dog breeds are naturally more aggressive than others. There is no official procedure to diagnose aggression in dogs. What can be done as remedy to a dog’s aggressive behavior is modification techniques that affect aggression. You need to understand incidences and frequencies of aggression and work towards the cause. However, there is no guarantee that an aggressive dog can cured. However by identifying the causes, a solution can be found.