Common Dog Breeds to Raise

bulldogDogs can be a great companion for man. They offer a great source for unconditional love and can also teach kids responsibility and cooperation. When choosing a dog for your family, you need to consider aspects such as lifestyle and ages of your children. Some breeds are associated with infinite patience while others can play endlessly with your kids. Others are naturally protective of children.



Rottweiler breed was not on the popular dog breed’s list until recently. Rottweilers are known for their intelligence, hard work and confidence. Due to their endurance, they make a great police dog, therapy dogs, herders, and service. Due to their devotion, they make a great companion.



Poodle dogs are well known due to their popularity. They normally come in three varieties and are well-known for their thick and curly coat that appears in solid colors. They are exceptionally smart and excel in terms of obedience during training.



Boxer dogBoxers are instinctively protective dogs that long being with people. Their qualities, combined with a powerfully build and acute intelligence make them be couriers in wartime. Today, they make a helpful seeing-eye dog.



Bulldogs have experienced a sustained popularity. They have a short-faced head and a shuffling gait.  They are completely endearing and massive. They are well-known for their gentle disposition and jowly appearance.


German Shepherd

The popularity of the German shepherd came about from how the dog was known as the one that saved Hollywood star Rin Tin Tin. These dogs have kept their status as one of the most popular dogs in the United States. This dog breed has the ability to be trained to do almost anything. They work to assist the disabled, work as police dogs, military dogs, and search and rescue dogs, for sniffing purposes among others. These dogs are very loyal and need to be socialized early to be friendly to other dogs. They make excellent dogs.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the United States. They are incredibly friendly and loyal and are great for families. They make a perfect companion dog for that reason. One of their biggest strengths is their good-natured personality. These dogs can be used for assistance purposes for the disabled, can work as hunting companion dogs or for search and rescue purposes. The only job they are not very much talented at is being a watchman.