About Us

Dogs and humans have been living side by side for many years. Dog owners know the blessing that pooch can be. Their intelligence antics and goofy sense of humor can brighten anybody’s life. There is a considerable amount of things that make them unique within the animal kingdom. They have very active primal instincts including howling at the moon, pack dependency and territory marking.

Getting Started

The decision to bring a new dog home should be taken with the responsibility it deserves. There are many aspects involved to be a real and responsible dog owner. Bringing a dog home means adopting a living being who has feelings, needs love and care to survive. To get started in dog ownership, this website offers you exclusive and in-depth content that relate to the following;

– Understanding common breeds

– Getting a puppy vs. older dog

– Essential puppy supplies and food

– Guide to dog sitting

– Ultimate guide to pooch care

– Basic tips for training your puppy

– Understanding dog’s aggression and anxiety – About food, places, people and other dogs.

– Understanding dogs habits and behavioral characteristics – Barking and biting.

– Dogs health issues

Dog Breed Selection

Are you trying to choose the best breed for your family? Bringing a new puppy into your home will change your life forever. this website provides you with in-depth information on the popular and rare pooch breeds. You will learn about their origins and unique traits that are specific to each breed. You will learn issues relating to choosing the right puppy, getting the puppy ready and issues dealing with puppy naming.

Senior Dogs

Dogs are exquisite at hiding away their health problems and as an owner, it is your responsibility to keen a sharp eye on your senior ones. They can read the emotions of the human face just like humans. They can tell at a glance if we are happy, sad or angry just by looking at our faces. This is what makes them be man’s best friend. Routine exercises, preventive medicine, and adjustments to their lifestyle can help your pooch stay healthy for a long time. Be sure to browse our categories as we guide you on all issues related to the pooch.